The Dark Rock of Amulet

In 2021, the Northern Virginia music scene was joined by Amulet, who released their debut album “House of Black + White” and began performing in the DC area. 

The band, a collaboration between Liverpool-born guitarist MJ Phoenix and Loudoun-native singer Stephanie Stryker, is a self-described “dark alternative rock” band that embraces the goth aesthetic. Emphasis on aesthetic; the band doesn’t follow a set-in-stone musical genre, with songs varying from hard rock (“Last Ditch”) to industrial electronic (“Falling Down”). The album’s followup, a standalone single called “Secrets and Lies,” is a smoky jazz/lounge-inspired track.

‘It’s Always Magical’: Two Loudoun Favorites Launch a Musical Collaboration

Chris Timbers and Juliana MacDowell have big plans for 2021. But as COVID continues to impact the local and national music scenes, these two very different singer/songwriters are taking time to enjoy a new collaboration—to the delight of their shared local fan base. They’ll wrap up a surprisingly busy fall season with a joint show at Leesburg’s Tally Ho Theater on Thursday, Dec. 10.