Pub trivia seems a pretty popular activity these days, and many Loudoun locations dedicate the odd evening to feature such friendly brain-burning competitions. Groups with punny names gather, tiny pencils and cold beers in hand, ready to showcase their deep knowledge of All the Random Things.

Such will be the case tomorrow evening at Glass Half Full, Alamo Drafthouse Ashburn‘s cozy and well-appointed pub. Geeks Who Drink return to host a weekly trivia contest spanning subjects as diverse as pop song lyrics, word puzzles and current events.

Friends—I am not good at trivia. I am, however, good at drinking beer and can be counted on for at least a couple answers, and thus have been enticed to participate, however woefully, in several pub trivia contests. If you’re like me, this sounds like the perfect set-up—grab some friends who are actually good at trivia, order some apps, settle in with a beer, sit back and marvel at how your buddies’ brains retain the name of every Loony Tunes character ever created, but fail to recall the exact location of the state of Iowa (don’t look all smug—you fare no better!).

Check out Geeks Who Drink’s schedule of events to find trivia contests in almost every dang state in the nation—including the ones you can’t name on a map.

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