Dogs compete in the Chesapeake DockDogs “BIG AIR” competition, seeing how far each dog can launch themselves off the end of the dock into a pond at Maggie Malick Wine Caves on Sunday. The dogs making the longest jumps—with the best jumpers averaging more than 25 feet—takes home the prize, often a new chew toy. According to Chesapeake DockDogs President Travis Reish, the weekend event also raised about $1,000 for the Basic Assistance and Recovery Kindness, or BAARK, Foundation, which helps pay medical bills for DockDogs families. Chesapeake DockDogs holds two or three events at Maggie Malick Wine Caves a year. “Just look around. I mean, it’s beautiful. Mark and Maggie are great hosts,” Reish said.

Photos by Renss Greene/Loudoun Now