The ferris wheel and other fun rides return to One Loudoun Uptown on Northpark Drive for one last hurrah before classes begin, opening Aug. 7 and closing on Aug. 18. There will be adrenaline rides for adults and more sedate thrills for the kids, as well as traditional fair food and games of skill and chance.

Hours for the carnival are Monday-Friday 6-11 p.m., Saturday 1-11 p.m. and Sunday 3-11 p.m.

Entrance to the carnival is free, and tickets for rides can be purchased online and at the ticket box. Rides take 3 to 5 tickets each.

  • Purchase unlimited ride specials online by Aug. 7 by 6 p.m.: $25
  • Purchase online or at the ticket box after Aug. 7: Monday-Thursday $27, Friday-Sunday $30
  • Special pricing for wristbands Aug. 7 and 14: $15
  • Individual tickets $1.75 each
  • Book of 30 tickets: $40
  • Book of 50 tickets: $60

For more information and to buy tickets, go to