Round Hill’s inaugural croquet tournament will take place next Wednesday to Sunday, June 5-9, at Woodgrove Park at the corner of Woodgrove Road and Evening Star Drive.

The United States Croquet Association’s Southeast Regional 9-Wicket Tournament in the town will kick off with a 2-day, $20 clinic on Wednesday and Thursday, June 5-6, that will teach participants how to play the “backyard” version of modern 9-wicket croquet. It will be hosted by 9-Wicket National Champion Macey White. Participants will learn how to set up a court and how to play both 9-wicket and golf croquet. According to White, 9-wicket is a combination of golf, pool and chess and a game of complex strategy if played competitively. White also pointed out that one appealing aspect of croquet is that anyone can play it—with the 2016 world champion having been 62 years old and the 2018 world champion having been 31 years old.

The association’s 9-wicket tournament will be held Friday-Sunday, June 7-9. The cost to participate in the tournament is $95. Those participating in the clinic who decide to participate in the tournament can apply their $20 clinic entry fee to their tournament entry fee.

For more information, or to obtain an entry form, contact Lauren Runyan at or at 540-338-7878.