By Christian Thompson

For a stretch of about two million years during the Triassic Period, the heavens unremittingly poured rain upon the entirety of planet Earth in an event that’s known as the Carnian Pluvial Episode. This period of time resulted in global-scale flooding, mass extinctions of once-dominant flora and fauna species, and it turned most of the world into a primordial rainforest blooming with giant conifers and overrun by dinosaurs.

This more-or-less describes the sad state of Loudoun County over the course of what’s been a despairing, excessively rainy spring season. Downed trees, drowned flowerbeds, and delayed baseball games are just a few of the inconveniences that have been brought on by this horrid, depressing weather, which is fit for only the most reptilian of beasts. And I’m not referring to Harvey Weinstein.

Once more, the forecast for this weekend is all too familiar—rain, thunder storms, hopeless ennui, more rain—but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up at home. With just a little help from an umbrella, a pair of galoshes, and Get Out Loudoun, you’ll be navigating the storms and well on your way to a weekend out on the town. And you don’t even need an ark. At least not yet.

On Friday, Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn is holding a release party for its all-new, blood orange gose, Funky Face, which I’m assuming is titled after the kind of look your father makes after trying a sour beer for the first time. The event will be made even merrier with the appearance of musician Clark Peklo. The troubadour plays covers ranging from ’80s alt-rock legends like R.E.M., The Replacements, and The Smiths to ’90s heavy-hitters like Ryan Adams and Oasis. The man certainly has taste, which is good because otherwise how would he be able to try Old Ox’s new beer?

For those looking for something more subdued, Friday night will also feature singer-songwriter, Kate Brunotts, performing from 7-9 p.m. at Leesburg’s Trinity House Café. The multi-instrumentalist will be releasing her debut EP, “Grounded,” later this month. The recording blends her acoustic and electronic proclivities into a ruminating, somber style of pop music. The tender conviction that Brunotts plays should surely ease the pain of the work week. Couple that with a warm coffee and the café’s cozy ambiance and you’ll be able to practically forget about the raging torrents of water outside that threaten to engulf us all.

On Saturday, one of the area’s best blues-rock bands, the I, IV, V’s, perform a daytime concert at Purcellville’s Otium cellars from 4-7 p.m. The I, IV, V’s are known for their rollicking approach, the blistering fretwork of their lead guitarist, and for absolutely tearing down the house at Bluemont’s Horseshoe Curve once or twice a month. Seeing them in a more intimate winery setting is sure to be a treat. And speaking of treats, 3Fires Oven will also be at Otium all day with their pizza food truck. Mama mia!

If you’re still hungry later Saturday night, you can run out to Sterling’s Crooked Run Brewery for its annual Tacolympics. The event will feature a taco speed-eating contest, drink specials on Crooked Run’s Mexican-style lager, and a performance by DJ Hydra, who will be the first DJ to grace Crooked Run’s Sterling location. With his downbeat, trip-hop and old-school sensibilities, DJ Hydra should be just the hero to save you from the rainy weather.

So whether you choose to pass the weekend by enjoying live music, drinking local libations, eat an incapacitating amount of tacos, or, heck, even stay dry indoors and read a book, we hope it’s an enjoyable one all the same. For a full listing of this weekend’s events, go to

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