The Mosby Heritage Area Association will offer an April 27-28 bus tour following Robert E. Lee’s retreat route at Gettysburg bus tour following Robert E. Lee’s retreat route at Gettysburg and  featuring historian and author Eric Wittenberg.

Defeated at the Battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee was left with the difficult task of having to withdraw his battered army back across the Potomac and to the relative safety of Virginia. In the ten days between July 4 and 14, 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia made its way out of Pennsylvania and across Maryland, pursued by the Army of the Potomac. Several brisk skirmishes occurred as the Union Army sought to cut off the retreating rebels. Although Lee ultimately slipped away it was not without further losses to his army and his supply train. Join us as we follow in the path of this retreat and examine the aftermath of the Civil War’s most famous battle. Wittenberg will lead a guided tour that visits some of the most significant locations of this often-overlooked campaign.

Highlights of the tour include:

* A Friday evening reception at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, MD.

* A full day guided bus tour with Eric Wittenberg with stops at Gettysburg, Fairfield, Monterey Pass, Smithsburg, Williamsport, and more.

* A signed copy of Wittenberg’s book “One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863.”

* Admission to the Donnelly House in Williamsport

* Saturday lunch

Tickets for the tour are $175 for MHAA Members and $195 for Non-Members and can be purchased online at or by calling (540) 687-5578. Seats are limited.

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