TRYST Gallery in Leesburg will showcase the work of 19 artists throughout the month of March, and kick off the exhibit with an opening reception 6-9 p.m. Friday, March 2.

The exhibit, called TRYST Select, will take place in the Leesburg gallery’s “featured art space,” which typically showcases the work of one artist. “We wanted to give artists who had exhibited with us previously a chance to show their work in an intimate space,” Gallery Manger Kirsten Loya said. “So when people walk into the gallery, this is what will greet them.”

The gallery plans to hold a TRYST Select, showcasing the work of several of their artists in the featured art space, one month each year.

The first TRYST Select exhibit will feature the work of: Lisa Strout, Kim Richards, Anne Stine, Cathleen Lawless, Kate Williams, Sarah Entsminger, Leanne Fink, Marcia Klioze, Jill Perla, Donna Robinson, Octavia Frazier, Kathleen Howsare, Jim Sisley, Libby Stevens, Alice Nodine, Nancy Kfoury, H.K. Anne, Dee Dee Hooe and Gurusangat Khalsa.

Loya said the gallery works closely with the artists to make the artwork affordable. “It’s a great place for people who are just buying their first piece of original art,” she added. “It’s also good for designers wanting to look at the work of multiple artists in one place.”

Also on display through March is the gallery’s main exhibition, Truly, Madly, Deeply, featuring 53 pieces of art by more than 20 area artists. The work includes paintings, fiber art, etchings and photography.

Work from painter H.K. Anne will be on display as part of the TRYST Select exhibit.

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