During my recent travels to the great state of Ohio, I spent time with a special visitor to my garden. Dressed in vibrant yellow and black, my guest—an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly—moved gracefully from flower to flower, gently probing each blossom with her thin, flexible proboscis. Although her movements were deliberate, the carefree way she floated this way and that suggested no sense of urgency—just simple, natural beauty.

The folks at 868 Estate Vineyards are totally feeling my butterfly vibes this month with the “Flutter” art installation. Through the end of August, anyone stopping by for a glass of wine will notice hundreds of colorful mylar butterflies fluttering around the estate and nearby Grandale Farm Restaurant. In celebration of all butterflies, and with a nod to our special pollinator friends, the monarch butterfly, 868 Art Director Andrea Cybyk conceived the installation as a way to both bring delight to tasting room guests and raise a bit of money on behalf of our local butterfly population.

A donation of $25 gets you five of Cybyk’s beautiful butterfly creations (to be mailed to your home once the installation is over), and all the collected cash goes directly to the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy. You can purchase your butterflies online here, or stop out to the vineyard in person!

Flutter will remain on display during regular business hours through Sept. 5.

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