What better way to shake off the heaviness of the first workday of the week than with a hearty evening jog? Not enticed? What if I told you there will be beer and burgers at the end?

Yes, dear readers, the folks at Potomac River Running Store have folks like me figured out. The benefits of being kind to our bodies via exercise are well-documented, but, personally, I REALLY need some incentive to get motivated and I suspect I am not the only one! To that end, =PR= hosts its weekly Burgers and Beer Fun Run out of its Village at Leesburg storefront.

Every Monday at 6:30 p.m., runners of all abilities are invited to begin a 50-ish-minute run at the store at 1601 Village Market Boulevard. Participants will take to the paths around the Village and the nearby W&OD to enjoy a run of their desired intensity and pace. Some may wish to run but a mile or two, others may choose to kick it up a notch and do a tempo run! Whatever your preference, once finished, runners are invited to return and head over to BurgerFi to enjoy tasty beer and burgers with exclusive discounts.

There is no cost to participate in the run but runners are responsible for their own food and drink tabs. Anyone with questions is invited to call 571.918.0302 or go to potomacriverrunning.com/calendar for details.

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