We’re half way through a week of blistering summer heat—why not mosey over to One Loudoun, cop a spot on the shaded plaza and allow the dulcet tones of Heather Renee serve as a balm for your scorched soul?

Heather Renee/Courtesy of heather-renee.com

Tonight—Wednesday, July 19, from 6-8 p.m. during the town center’s latest Acoustic Wednesdays installment—Renee will provide soothing entertainment to welcome the cooler evening hours. Her songbook is an incredible 100-plus songs thick, replete with arresting, evocative lyrics and creative arrangements.

Learn more about Renee’s work and where to find her performances here.

But why wait? Admission to the show is free to all, so grab a tasty ice cream or beverage, settle in and relax. The week’s almost over.

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